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Kim Konvolinka, CPIC


Kim Konvolinka is a licensed Private Investigator in both California and Arizona.  she is a Certified Professional Investigative Consultant (CPIC), one of only several in the state of California, and the first female CPIC in the state of California.

Ms. Konvolinka has previous investigative experience in fraud prevention, along with domestic, civil and criminal investigations.  She has excellent written and verbal communication skills, strong analytical skills, and is detail oriented.  She specializes in conducting uncommon and diversified, as well as routine to complex operations involving the use of technical equipment for surveillance, intelligence, and counter intelligence measures.

Ms. Konvolinka uses state of the art databases and equipment to uncover critical information and evidence to assist in the investigation.  Some of her perfected techniques commonly used in investigations include:

Crime Scene Investigations

  • Photographs/Videos
  • Sketches, Diagrams and Measurements
  • Followup and development of leads
  • Victim interviews
  • In-Depth surveillance and investigation 
  • Background investigations of involved parties
  • Fire/Rescue ambulance interviews
  • Witness Interviews
  • Police Interviews
  • Secondary forensic evidence testing
  • Confidential informants and sources
  • witness/suspect location

Areas of Expertise

  • Aviation Accident Investigation
  • Personal injury/wrongful death
  • All vehicular accidents investigations
  • Financial investigations and assets recovery
  • Private investigative standards and procedures
  • Fraud detection and prevention
  • Security negligence
  • Locating Hidden assets
  • Security Standards and Procedures
  • Premises Liability

Pre-File Investigations

  • Prevent Filing
  • Divert allegation into a formal resolution
  • Assist with surrender and avoid arrest
  • Photographs of location and victims
  • Locating other wrongly accused individuals
  • Reduce Charges
  • Police Investigations
  • Computer animated recreation
  • Public record searches
  • Bolster clients credibility

Civil/Criminal Defense and Security Consulting Litigation Support

Aviation accidents, vehicle accidents, assault, battery, rape, burglary, robbery, slips, trips, falls, corporations, businesses, hospitals, hotels, motels, strip malls, malls, parking lots, apartment complexes, banks, public events, restaurants, commercial properties, Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Financial Fraud Litigation Support

Corporations, Financial Institutions, Insurance Claims, Healthcare Facilities, and Investors.

Licenses, Certificates and Training

California State Private Investigator Licenses #PI26264

Certified Private Investigative Consultant #CPIC09-0004

Arizona State Private Investigator License #1622820

Professional Associations (past and present)

  • California Association of Licensed Investigators (CALI)
  • CALI 2010-2011 San Joaquin Valley District Governor
  • CALI 2008-2010 San Joaquin Valley District Lt. Governor
  • Founder/Co-Chair, CALI-San Joaquin District Indigent Pro-Bono Panel
  • Founder/Co-Chair, CALI-San Joaquin District Continuing Education Library
  • Member, San Joaquin District continuing Education and Training Program
  • Historian, CALI San Joaquin District
  • 2009 San Joaquin district Governor's Award: Humanitarian
  • 2009 San Joaquin District Governor's Award: Leadership

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