Orloff Consulting

Aviation Accident Reconstruction Services

Carol Borrelli


Graphic Artist/Animator

Ms. Borrelli joined Orloff Consulting in June of 2001.  Her responsibilities and area of expertise include:

  • Three dimensional aircraft modeling and retrieval of digital elevation maps and satellite imagery
  • Three dimensional animated reconstruction of aviation accidents, accident sequence, and flight path reconstruction
  • Incorporation of time, text, data from flight data recorder, cockpit voice recorder audio, air traffic control audio, recorded radar and GPS data, and weather data into animations
  • Midair collision impact analysis
  • Rendering of three dimensional graphics and still images to aid in aviation accident reconstruction


Associated Degree - Executive Secretarial, Northern Essex Community College, 1969, Haverhill, Massachusetts

Certificate of Achievement - Geographic Information Systems, Computer Science, Columbia College, Columbia, CA.   2001

Certificate of Completion - 3D Exchange Animation Training, 2001, Almeda, CA

  • 30 hours of hands on corporate training
  • 40 hours of additional one-on-one training

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