Orloff Consulting

Aviation Accident Reconstruction Services

About Us

For over 25 years, Dr. Orloff and his staff have provided consulting services to  plaintiffs and defendants in litigation resulting from aircraft accidents.  They have analyzed and reconstructed hundreds of fixed-wing and rotary-wing accidents.  Typical Areas in which they have been asked to conduct forensic investigation and render expert opinions are:

  • Midair Collisions

  • Aircraft Wire Strikes

  • Analysis of Recorded Radar Data

  • Flight Path Analysis and Reconstruction

  • Aircraft Wake Turbulence Encounters

  • Aircraft Maintenance, Inspection, Alteration and Repair

  • Aircraft Structures and Structural Failure

  • Aircraft Piloting and Pilot Error

  • Integration and Correlation of GPS information, Flight Data Recorder, and Cockpit Voice Recorder with Flight Path Analysis


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